The Onemana Bach project commenced at the Start of Semester One 2010. Students were shortlisted and a client/architect meeting held shortly after.

Design and documentation was undertaken during the end of Semester One and beginning of Semester Two_ with construction starting on the 23rd of August 2010.

The team will be on the construction site at Unitec on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday in the weeks to come.

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    • Come to the Grad show 24th Nov to see the finished product! 8 years ago
    • Almost done now, got a deck on one side and finishing things off inside for the grad show! 8 years ago
    • Got two of the six pieces of roof fixed on thursday. Starting to look more like a house now. 9 years ago
    • Roof is going on today!!! It's here right now so we gotta get it on! 9 years ago
    • Roof is supposed to be going on today but due to wind will most definitely not! 9 years ago
    • Roof will be going up on Thursday, weather dependent, then we will get a better idea of the finished product 9 years ago
    • Paris Hilton of the day yesterday was Whitney! She took a dwang out to move it and put it back in the same place. Good one whit! 9 years ago
    • Hope to have the roof on by next week. 9 years ago
    • We have now got all the wall framing up and are working on cladding with ply and battens 9 years ago
    • We're building - Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Feel free to ask us questions; we're the ones wearing tool belts 9 years ago
    • Come down to the building site - next to the work shop. Check out what we have done so far! 9 years ago
    • #ecv10 view progress of the construction of the bach at http://onemanabach.wordpresss.com 9 years ago
    • we are up and running_ stay tuned to keep track of our construction progress 9 years ago
    • Our Wordpress blog is almost on the go, stay tunned for updates on the building of the bach at Unitec! 9 years ago
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    Lyn Richardson
    Matthew Roberts
    Miro Wang
    _3rd yr Bachelor of Architectural Studies students - Unitec_

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